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Good For Business

RLHC is focused on offering travelers a chance to immerse themselves in local culture through innovative programming, a personalized loyalty rewards program, great rates and in-the-know staff.

Our brands are authentic, innovative and one-of-a-kind. We’re not afraid to go where other hotels won’t. In fact, that’s exactly where we want to go.

Good For Business is a multi-faceted caption that speaks to the forward-thinking, dexterity and altruism of RLHC.

At first glance, the line speaks to the virtues of the business itself, which is nimble, thriving and on the leading edge of the hospitality industry (Good Business).

Digging deeper, we see the line gives a nod to the skilled businessmen and women who, through their innovation and resourcefulness, are propelling us forward at an unrivaled rate (Good Business People).

Lastly, the vertical line delineating the word “Good” from “For Business” helps the reader recognize the good our company does through ethical business practices and philanthropy (Good People).

Joining these separate meanings creates a complete portrait of what RLHC stands for.

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