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A Growing Hospitality Company

RLHC is a growing hospitality company focused on offering travelers a chance to immerse themselves in local culture through innovative programming, a personalized loyalty rewards program, great rates and in-the-know staff.

The Red Lion brands are inspired by the Pacific Northwest, where our company was born, embodying warmth, friendliness and a trailblazing spirit. At Red Lion Hotels, we’re not afraid to go where other hotels won’t. In fact, that’s exactly where we want to go.

Our guests’ travel experiences are unique and we aim to deliver personalized experiences based on their own passions and pursuits, whether their idea of a good time is a relaxing outdoor walking trail or the most exciting rollercoasters in the country.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, every trip is a new adventure. It’s our goal to nurture our guests’ adventurous sides so they can make the most of their time away. Offering relaxed atmospheres, productive meeting spaces, great coffee and healthy food options, Red Lion encourages guests to be at the peak of their abilities so they can explore tirelessly.


Discover An Opportunity At Every Corner

To learn more about becoming a franchisee and our hotel development opportunities, submit an RFP below or contact our development team at 866-437-4878 for your personalized partnership opportunitiy with RLHC.